Sideline Club Expansion & Seat Adjustment

Prior to the 2021 football season, MSU Athletics will add nearly 500 new Sideline Club seats and conduct a seat adjustment for the Sideline Club, providing season ticket holders the ability to select seating locations based upon their Sideline Club ranking. MSU Athletics will administer a seat adjustment every four (4) seasons to properly steward our loyal season ticket holders and donors who so generously support our mission to “..teach, celebrate, and support our student-athletes in their quest for excellence”.

Important dates to remember:

May 1, 2021               Deadline to influence Spartan Points

May 17-19, 2021        Online Seat Selection Process

Seat Adjustment Process

The 2021 Sideline Club Seat Adjustment will be conducted online, based upon a 3D seating diagram of the Sideline Club.  Sideline Club members will self-select seats online from available seating locations at their designated appointment time. Appointment times will be based on cumulative Spartan Points priority among Sideline Club members as of May 1, 2021 total. The Sideline Club member with the highest cumulative Spartan Points total will be ranked #1 and select seats first, followed by the season ticket holder ranked 2nd, and so on.  Log in to your account online to view your ranking and Spartan Points total.

Specific instructions on the online seat selection process will be provided to each Sideline Club member when appointment times are distributed after May 1, 2021. Included in these instructions will be information on how to log-in, view and select from available seating locations, confirm, and finalize your self-selected seats (subject to seat allowance limits).

Seat Allowances

The quantity of Sideline Club seats will be based on annual Spartan Fund donor level from July 1, 2020 – May 1, 2021.  The following seat allowance limits apply:

  • Ambassadors = 8
  • Champions Circle = 6
  • Scholarship Level = 4
  • Directors Club = 4
  • Honorary Coaches = 4

With increased seating options, we are offering current Sideline Club members the opportunity to purchase more Sideline Club seats. Members purchasing additional seats prior to May 1, will be able to select seats in the Sideline Club seat adjustment. If the number of seats purchased exceeds your seat allowance limit (based on annual donor level), you will be provided two separate selection times: 1) first priority selection time to select up to your seat allowance quantity in priority, and 2) a second priority selection time for remaining quantity of seats.


Questions on the Sideline Club?  Contact the Spartan Fund by emailing spartanfund@ath.msu.edu or call (517) 432-4610.