Scholarship Endowments

Scholarship Endowments allow student-athletes to pursue excellence in the classroom while playing the sport they love. MSU Athletics currently provides more than $15 million to the university each year to cover the cost of providing tuition, room and board, and books for nearly 600 scholarship student-athletes each year. Through a commitment to a scholarship endowment, we will widen our scholarship base and allow more of our athletic programs to stand among the nation’s best.

Undergraduate tuition and fees

In-state Fees

Out-of-State Fees

$452.00/credit + fees $1,212.00/credit + fees

Two semesters (15 credits/semester)

Two semesters (15 credits/semester)

$14,914 T&F
$10,676 R&B
$900 Books
$40,726 T&F
$10,676 R&B
$900 Books



Scholarship Endowment Opportunities

Named Fully-Funded Scholarship:
To name a fully endow a scholarship:  $500,000 (in-state) or $1,000,000 (out-of-state)

Named Athletic Scholarship:
To name a partial scholarship in a specific sport:  $50,000 – $499,000

Ralph Young Endowment:
Gifts of less than $50,000 will become part of the Ralph Young Endowment