“Spartan…..for life”

Endowment BookletEndowments are an ideal way for donors to leave a legacy with MSU and to provide a perpetual source of funding for scholarships, programs, and/or coaching.

Pooled and invested as one Common Investment Fund thru the MSU Foundation, endowments provide an perpetual source of income over an infinite time horizon with the goal of maintaining the value in real terms. A portion of this annual income is distributed in accordance with guidelines set by the donor.

Donor Recognition

Endowment Wall_with title

MSU Athletics acknowledges the generosity of our benefactors in a number of ways, including game programs, videoboard announcements, website recognition, and visibility in other public spaces. As part of Empower Extraordinary, the campaign for Michigan State, donors contributing to an athletic designation will have their names etched onto the “Spartans For Life” endowment wall, located at the north end of Spartan Stadium (see below).  Perhaps the most important recognition is the stewardship and carefully management by MSU takes very seriously in order to build the University’s programs and help secure the future in a way that makes us proud.

Each year, MSU Athletics will provide opportunities for our endowment donors to learn about the programs that their gift is directly supporting. In addition, donors are provided opportunities to interact with our student-athletes and coaches to express their personal thanks to donors who have supported them.