Tom Izzo Football Building


How might we create a home for the MSU Football student-athlete family that will build camaraderie, allow students to recharge and help them become better both on and off the field?

Today, the Duffy Daugherty Football Building is a mix of all student-athletes walking through maze-like corridors, crossing in front of football spaces to reach their destinations. Football player havens like the lounge and locker room are in the middle of high-traffic pathways. For the players, there are no spaces that offer privacy or escape, resulting in less time spent with teammates. The focus of this eighth addition to the building is to create a home for these athletes.


This proposal hinges on the demolition of the existing locker room, weight room and equipment room. Sitting at the intersection of four separate additions with low roof structures, legacy infrastructure and several other constraints, any renovation of these spaces would severely compromise the result. By removing these spaces, we can reorganize the building to meet current needs.

The new 65,000-square-foot addition places all student-athlete spaces on the north end of the building, cutting off any cross traffic from the rest of the football spaces. The remainder of the addition is entirely dedicated to the football program, the heart of which is the new locker room suite. Boasting large lockers, a drying room, recovery pool, recruiting corridor, nutrition station and private lounge, this suite of interconnected rooms is ground zero for training, recovery and relaxation. It is the players’ “home away from home”, a place to come together or relax alone after a hard day’s practice.


Renderings are preliminary conceptual designs only.


Spread across two floors, the first level of the expanded weight room allows for direct connection to the Weave and is across the hall from the Sports Medicine suite. The north end of the space will house sports science, training and cardio equipment while a new custom built sprint ramp, plyo boxes and stair occupy the south end connecting to the second level.

The second level of the weight room will house all lifting and weight equipment. Twenty-eight power racks will line the center of the high-volume space, lit from above by clerestory windows. The floor slab will be recessed to allow for a sound isolating slab below the equipment.


The Spartan media team will be housed in a new suite at the north end of the addition. The space will be a combination of open workspace and photography studio with a cyclorama as well as pipe grid of the east end.


The heart of the new facility is a state-of-the-art locker room suite home to 126 custom lockers and a direct connection to the new weight room.


The new glass enclosed 35’ x 8’ hot / cold recovery pool is the showpiece of the locker room and will create a grand impression when entering from the recruiting corridor.


The equipment room is designed for improved storage and ease of use. The mix of tall and counter height, high density storage shelving increase the amount of housed gear, while clear sight lines to the locker room and pass-through window ensure that staff can quickly respond to all players’ needs. A direct connection to the loading dock eases loading and unloading of equipment.


Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program, and the recruiting corridor is an opportunity for Michigan State to create a WOW moment that will impress young recruits. This will be the flashiest space in the entire building with high impact materials and a feature stair visible from the lobby.


Intended to be the football administration’s war room, this large conference room will have floor to ceiling magnet marker boards and the latest conference technology.


The new lounge is intended to provide players an escape from their daily regiments. Located on the second floor, it is the first phase of a larger dining lounge space. It offers views to the south, the new plaza to the west, and into the South Entry.


A new bridge will cross from the existing office waiting area into the new addition. This will create a connection from the second level to the new video, recruiting and future all team meeting room.


The South Entry replaces the Hall of History as the new public entrance to the Skandalaris Football Building. Day-to-day visitors will be allowed to filter in and out of the space viewing the new exhibits, giant monitor (visible from Chestnut Rd. and plaza) as well as sneaking peeks at their favorite athletes on the other side of the glass. The space will also serve a banquet function on occasion, accommodating up to 88 guests.


These spaces will receive updated finishes and furnishings after more than a decade of service.