Spartan Fund

Football Parking Guidelines

MSU Football Parking Guidelines are intended to ensure the comfort and safety of all fans and visitors. It is imperative that these guidelines are adhered to.

For correct game time, check or call 517-432-TIME (517-432-8463)

• Lot Opening times:
/ Saturday game: 7:00 AM for a 12:00 PM kick-off, 9:00 AM for a 3:30 PM kick-off,
and 1:00 PM for a night kick-off.
/ Friday game: 3:30 PM

• Donor parking passes will include one pass for each home game.
/ Lost or stolen passes will not be replaced.
/ Any parking pass which appears to be duplicated or forged or is improperly displayed
will be confiscated whenever possible. Based upon the circumstances, the original pass
may be forfeited for the remainder of the season without refund.
/ Passes must be hung from your rearview mirror at all times while on campus.
The bottom portion of the pass must be surrendered to a lot attendant upon entry.

• Purchaser of a parking pass is responsible for their guests’ conduct.
Please be sure you and your guests are respectful and courteous to all game
day employees and other fans. MSU reserves the right to suspend or revoke your
parking privileges for unruly or inappropriate behavior, etc. This includes
behavior of guests using your pass, even if you are not present.

• One pass = one space.
Each pass entitles parking within the confines of one marked parking space only.
/ You may not extend your vehicle and any tailgating paraphernalia (tents, tables, awnings,
games, etc.) into other parking spaces or lanes intended for vehicle traffic. The aisles in the
parking lots must remain clear for vehicles to pass at all times.
/ No tailgating areas, including green space, are included or promised with any specific parking
space. Common courtesy of fellow Spartans will allow everyone to locate appropriate
tailgating space either within or surrounding your designated lot.

• “Drop-offs” of items or persons are prohibited in donor parking lots.

• Recreational Vehicles (RV)
A recreational vehicle is defined as taking up more than one marked parking space.
You must possess a RV pass if you wish to park an RV, motor home, stretch limo, bus,
etc. Vehicle must fit within confines of two (2) marked parking spaces.

• Prohibited items include:
Tents larger than 10’ x 10’, couches or upholstered furniture, kegs or other common source con-
tainers, drinking game structures and/or paraphernalia, trailers of any type including pig roasters.

• Private catering companies are not allowed in donor parking lots
Corporate/Large party tent space (greater than 10’ x 10’) is available in specific
locations around Spartan Stadium. Requests will be accepted starting April 1. For
more information, please call Sarah Hinsberg at Fox Sports Properties (517-884-8828).

• Violators of these guidelines will be subject to the following:
/ First offense – Warning Issued by lot attendant (parking pass number noted and information
forwarded to MSU Athletics).
/ Second offense – You will be asked to remove your vehicle and any tailgating paraphernalia
from your designated lot for the remainder of game. You may return to the next home game.
/ Third offense – If a third offense occurs, you will be removed for the remainder of the game and
will not be permitted to park and/or tailgate in your designated lot for the remainder of the
season No refund will be issued.