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Cost of Excellence

Scholarship Endowments

Endowed scholarships support student-athletes directly by underwriting essential costs including tuition, room and board, and books. A fully endowed scholarship allows a student-athlete to focus on success in the classroom and on the field. While the Spartan student might work full- or part-time to pay for college, our student-athletes aren’t afforded that opportunity. Practice, games, community service and media events fill a plate already full with academic requirements, putting tremendous demands on schedules. Please help the MSU Athletics family meet the needs of our student athletes by providing a self-sustaining scholarship. 

Freshman/Sophomore Lower Division

In-state Fees

Out-of-State Fees

$428.75/credit + fees $1,125/credit + fees

Two semesters (12 credits/semester)

$10,336 T&F
$8,856 R&B
$800 Books
$27,046 T&F
$8,856 R&B
$800 Books



Upper Division

In-state Fees

Out-of-State Fees

$476.50/credit + fees $1,160.50/credit + fees

Two semesters (12 credits/semester)

$11,482 T&F
$8,856 R&B
$800 Books
$27,852 T&F
$8,856 R&B
$800 Books



Scholarship Endowment Opportunities

Named Position Scholarship: $350,000 To fully endow a scholarship, designated sport and position
Named Athletic Scholarship: $50,000 – $349,000 Named general scholarship in a specific sport
Ralph Young Endowment: Gifts of less than $50,000 will become part of the Ralph Young Endowment

Program Endowment

A program endowment is a self-sustaining source of funding that supports operational expenses including travel, recruiting and equipment. Endowment assets are invested and each year a portion of the value of the fund is used to support ongoing needs within a specific sport through discretionary spending. Endowment returns ensure perpetual support, and in turn, create a strong foundation on which to build and sustain championship programs.

Each program is held responsible for some of its operating expenses year after year, including facility enhancements, academic support, etc. As these needs change over time, we look to our program endowments to provide income and support that allows our programs to succeed as they head into the future.

Program Endowment Opportunities

Football Program Endowment $5 Million
Men’s Basketball Program Endowment $5 Million
Ice Hockey Program Endowment $3 Million
Women’s Basketball Program Endowment $3 Million
All Other Sport Program Endowments $1 Million
Gifts of $50,000 – $999,999 can be directed toward existing program endowments

Coaching Salary Endowment

A gift of $1,000,000 or more will contribute significantly to endowing a Coach’s salary in a specific sport.  As with endowing a scholarship, you have the opportunity to name your chosen coaching position, further demonstrating your commitment to MSU Athletics.

Coaching Salary Endowment Opportunities

Head Football Coach $5 Million
Head Men’s Basketball Coach $5 Million
Head Women’s Basketball Coach $2 Million
Head Coach (all other sports) $1 Million
Assistant Coach (Football, Men’s Basketball, Ice Hockey) $500,000

How You Can Make an Endowment Gift

There are many ways to establish an endowment, and the arrangements for every gift can be personalized to fit your specific needs. Gifts of cash and securities are traditional forms of support; however, planned gifts including bequests, charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts may allow you to make significant contributions that may not otherwise be possible during your lifetime. All endowment gifts are 100% tax deductible.

For more information, please contact the Spartan Fund directly.